At our Beach Bars, it’s all about spreading joy!

In 2017, local guys Jonny and Gavin stumbled across a beach front opportunity at Kings Beach and saw the potential of greatness! Their vision unfolded into creating the most epic beach side dining experience, leading them on a path that saw another location moving into Cotton Tree in 2022. Five years on from that first day of dreaming, both venues are fondly recognised by their good vibes, awesome food and unreal cocktails.

It’s a Shore Thing!

Culture Code

We are driven by a sincere passion for serving our customers and creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in our unrivalled Sunshine Coast locations.


We didn’t choose the hospo life, the hospo life chose us.

Hospitality is in our blood. We are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for all who visit us. From our elevated menu and quality ingredients to expertly crafted cocktails and warm, inviting atmosphere. We work to exceed our customers’ expectations time and time again simply because we love to do so.


Life is too short to not cultivate more joy.

Sharing an amazing meal with family and friends in a stunning location can be one of the more joyful experiences in life. As the custodians of our customers’ experience, we can either add to or detract from their joy while they are with us. From the flavour explosion bomb our food to our impeccable service, everything is shaped by the question: how can we bring our customers more joy?


We believe in creating a legacy of excellence that will endure for years to come.

To us, legacy is as much about the imprint we leave on those we come into contact with as it is about creating something physical that will stand the test of time. This means striving for the highest standards in everything we do and learning from our misteps along the way.


At The Beach Bar, loyalty is not just a value, it’s a way of life.

Loyalty is a cornerstone of our business. We believe in fostering long-lasting relationships with our customers, community and our team. We want our customers and our staff to feel welcomed and valued, to enjoy themselves while they are in our venues because we know that this is what will have them coming back to us time and time again.

“Fabulous! Oh wow had the best Mahi Mahi Poke bowl. Lots of gluten free available and the cocktail list is worth a look. Great staff & service.”

M Bell

“Amazing customer service, the staff are so friendly and attentive! They do the best Eggs Benny on the coast and is our go to when we want to have a few good cocktails.. The pina colada’s are incredible!”


“Kings Beach Bar is a great spot. Yummy and reasonably priced meals and drinks,
The staff are super friendly with 5 star service.”


woman server walking through restaurant with food

Who we are


We are fully dedicated and enthusiastic about delivering exceptional hospitality. 

Driven by our love for what we do, we strive to constantly improve and exceed expectations. Our commitment to quality and willingness to take risks and innovate shows our deep reverence for our customers and their needs. We are always striving to be the best in our field, bringing energy and excitement to everything we do. Hard work, creativity, and a drive to succeed are at the core of our brand, inspiring others to be as passionate about their work as we are.


We believe in having fun and spreading joy, both for our customers and ourselves.

Our customers can expect a friendly and informal atmosphere, and a touch of humor in everything we do. We approach challenges with a witty and resourceful spirit, and always strive to find a fun solution. With our quick wit and clever humour, we keep our customers engaged and entertained, making their experience with us truly memorable.


We believe in building relationships with our customers based on trust, transparency, and reliability.

We are driven by a sincere passion for serving our customers and creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. We go above and beyond to make our customers feel at home, and we always strive to meet their needs with honesty and sincerity. At our core, we are a genuine brand, and we are committed to delivering genuine hospitality to everyone who walks through our doors. 


Our goal is to elevate the hospitality industry with our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our dedication and understanding deliver exceptional hospitality, creating a memorable experience for all who set foot in one of our venues. Our experience means we anticipate needs and provide efficient, tailored solutions. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering the best service, with experience and skill in every aspect of our business. Our experience sets us apart, giving us a unique advantage.

Our Team


The Octopus

They say Jonny ‘Octopus’ Giles must have eight arms for what he can accomplish in the kitchen! At the spritely age of 20, Jonny travelled worldwide and loved the energy of the hospo industry. Soon, this foodie put on his chef hat and his dreams rapidly began paving their way towards creating his own legacy in hospitality.

The core of Jonny’s vision is to value and respect the hospitality heroes that make up the Beach Bar family, which is reflected in our quality venue and it’s awesome culture

Experience Jonny’s warm welcome, magic creations and feel the vibe of his vision as soon as you walk in the door.


The Weapon

Being the eldest in his family, Ky was often left with the duty of food for he and his brothers, while his strong, single mum worked running a restaurant–and that is where his passion for hospitality began.

This then led to a long string (30+ years) of kitchens and bars in all corners of the world, gathering up many ideas, skills and stories.

This Weapon has dominated in all areas from the dish pit right through to where he is now as Operations Manager of the Beach Bar (Dream Job). You’ll know him when you see him!


The Beast

Glen has been cheffing for over 17 years! We are blessed to have him as our executive chef across both bars for the last four years. He’s the mastermind behind our menus, creates an awesome flow behind the scenes and has been an amazing mentor and coach to our other chefs.

This legend loves leading the Beach Bar kitchen teams! Glen is passionate about working with small family run businesses where he can feel valued and have an impact beyond just putting food on a plate.

We call him the Beast because he is extremely efficient, dedicated, and some people have a second gear, but Glen has Beast Mode.